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leishman10 at juno.com leishman10 at juno.com
Sun Dec 5 11:00:56 CST 2004

The following was sent to me from Gwenllian, creator of the Libellus, a
newsletter just for kids.  Lots of fun ideas to keep the kids entertained
at events and even at home. 


Hi there,

Thanks for the help in the past the kids' newsletter "Libellus". If you
would do me one more favor by passing the below info along to all those
you know with children, I'd appreciate it!  

The children's newsletter, "Libellus", is now available in PDF fom at my
website www.jamesandgwen.com  There is a link on the left side called
"Libellus" which will take you to the available issues that can be
printed out for your family or youth group.

I'm happy to finally be able to offer the newsletter online so that
everyone can enjoy the articles written by a lot of wonderful folks
within the SCA!  Of course, those who wish to receive the newsletter
through the mail still have that option, and can find out how on the


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