[Artemisia] A CHALLENGE!! (sound of large gauntlet striking thefloor)

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Hopefully this will come through!  And could someone please post this to the
Aerie for me,  for some reason I receive posts from the Aerie,  but can't
seem to get a post to go through to the Aerie.  Many Thanks -- K.

- Unto Morgan -- 
Are you ready to announce your Toys for Tots numbers?  Unfortunately, due to
circumstances beyond my control I was unable to attend our event.  But the
report to me was that they stopped counting toys at 2000. . .  Thank you
Artemisia for your generosity!  When we add what your group collected,  that
will, I am sure,  be an impressive array of toys for children this holiday
I remain,  Yours in Service,
Lady KyneWynn  the Kind
Arrows' Flight

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Unto the College of Arrow's Flight,
and our Cousins of the South,
from Morgan Blaidd Du,
Event Steward for the Shire of Stan Wyrm's
Yule Revel and Toys for Tots Tournament,

    In the coming months, both of our groups will be hosting a Toys for Tots
Tournament.  In years past, we have informally challenged each other to show
that our respective populace is the more generous.  In those years when the
North has proven more generous, it has been said that the South was not
given ample time to prepare to meet the challenge.  So, I challenge the
Event Steward, the College of Arrow's Flight, and all those who attend the
Toys for Tots Tournament on November 13th in Arrow's Flight to donate more
toys than myself, the Shire of Stan Wyrm, and those attending Yule
Revel/Toys for Tots in Stan Wyrm on December 4th.  To make sure there is no
confusion, the count is to be toys present at the event, toys collected
elsewhere and donated separately do not meet the challenge.  To assuage
concerns that we shall simply do enough to beat Arrow's Flight once we know
how they did, I request that the Event Steward for Arrow's Flight NOT
announce the official Toy count until Monday, December 6th, at which time I
shall announce ours.  What say you, Arrow's Flight?

And for all of the rest of the Populace of these Sovereign Lands of
Artemisia, I challenge you as well!  You have two choices, three weeks and
600 miles apart.  Everyone (excepting perhaps those in Twae Linnes and Arn
Hold) is closer to one than the other.  I challenge each and every
Artemisian to show their Largesse and Noblesse Oblige by attending the one
closest, or both, of these events and making a donation of at least one new,
non-gift wrapped toy.

In all seriousness, please help us and the Marine Corps show children that
Santa not only exists, but that He has been a noble warrior for centuries.

Bonheddwr Morgan Blaidd Du,
Protege and Ghillie to
Baron James Ulrich MacKellar and
Baroness Rachel Ashton,
Castellan of the Shire of Stan Wyrm
Event Steward, Stan Wyrm Yule Revel/Toys for Tots

Fei g'wneir

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