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Thu Dec 9 12:45:52 CST 2004

I have the answer-

you people are spending WAY too much time in the city.  You need to come up
north, where we open the site at 9 am but don't start anything until noon,
where the site owners say "have fun, call if there's a problem" and go away.

Y'know, Phoenix Rising and/or Dragon's Tear may be just what you guys need
to find some more of that magic.


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> --- Lady Constance writes:
> >> But what  of feasts at such events? When Sir
> Gregory
> >> and I spoke last night, he  brought up the death of
> >> off-board feasting.  Somewhere, somebody  decided
> >> that
> >> the only choices for eating at events are
> full-blown
> >> feast  or off-site dining.  Nobody's fessed up, but
> >> if
> >> I meet the SOB, I'll  throttle him
> >
> >
> > I think you might find that the death came about
> > because of several  events
> > held at hotels and other such places which do not
> > allow other food to be
> > brought onsite.  Several such events occurred in a
> > row about three years  ago and I
> > have not seen much off-board offered in this area
> > since that  time.  Think
> > people got used to the fact that we "couldn't" do
> > off board  through those
> > events and "couldn't" just migrated to "don't".
> > Again,  something for the event
> > steward to keep in mind when searching for  sites.
> I think you've hit on something really key here -- as
> Lord Adric touched on (perhaps "touche'd" on, no? :D),
> the dream site is almost impossible to find.
> One site says no outside food.
> Another site says no flames, not even candles.
> Another site locks down at 10 p.m.
> Another site won't let you in before noon.
> Another site says we must restrict ourselves to the
> single big room we rented.
> I have yet to see a site that imposes all of these
> restrictions (if so, I certainly hope we were getting
> it dirt cheap), but sometimes it feels like we design
> our events for the most restrictive site.
> While I would never advocate violating a site rule --
> nothing wrecks ambience like getting the boot -- we
> don't have to accept the most restrictive site rules
> as our norm.  Rather, work with what each site will
> permit.  If you want enthusiastic participation, stop
> saying "can't" and start saying "can!"  (BTW, Lady
> Constance's Site Database is a prime example of "can"
> thinking.)
> Lady Constance has also showed how to work with
> restrictions.  She stewarded at event a major hotel,
> where the rule was Food Provided and Served By The
> Hotel Only. She worked with the catering staff to get
> a menu and servant's livery that was reasonably
> authentic.  A little spendy, but I don't think it was
> any more expensive than the rubber chicken banquet
> they would have served otherwise, and no one had to
> stay behind and do dishes.
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