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Ok all folks I ment Genteel things not Gentile, no exclusionary-ness intended <grin>. 

"Dame Rachel (Thaya Shaeffer)" <damethaya at yahoo.com> wrote:

And along those lines regarding the community cooking, bring some for all......

I would add, with regard to the Arn Hold event mentioned, that there was a theme to the day with a appropriate tourney for Heavy and Rapier, as well as some relay and tourney stuff for all, with the theme influenced them. THIS WAS NOT just a pot-luck in costume. There was no set schedule true, and all could come and go and participate as much or as little as wanted, but everything that took place during the day in some way incorporated the theme and there was a general time frame to things so that major activities did not overlap terribly. But there was set up time involved, in that we added a lot of "period" decorations and rugs to the hall to enhance the feeling and to add to the event theme. 

There was no opening court, the things folks need to hear about the site most folks almost never do because they arrive well after morning court is over. Thus, when I Event Steward, I prefer to list stuff at troll. Like wise I do not say a bunch of thank yous at evening court, as by then folks are tired and so it never sticks in anyone's mind who is getting thanked. Instead I send a written 'thank you' to the local newsletter where it is in print and part of the permanent record, and I make sure I don't forget anyone that way as I don't have to only rely on my tired memory at the end of a long day if I wait and put it in writing. 

So as to site information at the event mentioned, Tor and I had large poster boards made up in a semi-period written hand, with all site rules and event news posted at three prominent placed around the site. All folks who came were made to turn and read them as they signed in at troll. This better ensured that the word was more fully passed.

Another fun element was that, as a Baronial fund raiser, you could purchase for $1.00 a count of 10 golden coins with which to wager on the events of the day. Anything and everything could be wagered upon, or used as game stakes, or for any sort of silly things one wanted to. (I played load shark and gave odds for who would be the winner of a bout or three). And there was a prize at the end for whomever had the most coins, by hook or by crook. Everyone had a wonderful time. 

While I would like to see more events like this one, I would not want them all to be. I also like the more formal events where we all deck ourselves out in our best garb and do more stately "gentile" things. That is what is grand about the SCA, there is room for all sorts of activities and one can enjoy many different types from the let you hair down to the put your hair up.


Dame Rachel

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