[Artemisia] Iron Ball Praise

Jeff Webster red_belt at msn.com
Wed Dec 22 22:05:27 CST 2004

  Thank you so much for the kind words. You well know that the event would 
have not been a success had it not been for the presence of those good 
gentles from Arn Hold and from the south in Loch Salann (I think) that 
trekked many a mile to help make our little Shire event be as well attended 
as it was.
  We were doubley honored by the presence of the King and Queen, who took 
time from their busy schedules of running our Faire Kingdom to attend our 
home Shire event.
  I thank everyone who attended the annual Tourney of the Iron Ball. 
Although no snow was found in south central Artemisia, the Frozen Warrior 
was again chosen. Our good King Reinmar.
  And yes, the food was excellent. The auction was a success. The tourney 
was fun for both spectator and participant. The A&S competition was, albiet 
small, a fun time.
  The lovely Lady Padraigin was honored as A&S champion of Twae Linnes for 
high marks in her
calligraphy and illumination.
  Lady Petronilla, pardon me....Her Ladyship Petronilla was given the Golden 
Sun in Splendour for her years of continuing service to this Kingdom.
  All and all, a fine turnout and a fine event..........sorry some of you 
missed it.
  Did I mention how great the feast was ?

(now ex-herald of Twae Linnes and
much beaten fighter in the tourney)

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>Thank You Twae Linnes for hosting such a wonderful event.  It was great 
>watching the tourney, playing games and basking in the warmth that your 
>shire shows everyone.  I'm so sorry that we couldn't stay for feast as the 
>smells coming out of the kitchen were nothing short of amazing.  Vivat to 
>the artists who displayed their work.  The projects were well done and hope 
>to see you all enter in Kingdom and other contests.  The book sale was 
>great.  I probably bought more than I needed, but who could resist.
>Thanks again for an enjoyable time,
>Baron Tor Von Butterberg, OP Baron of Arn Hold and His lovely Baroness 
>Rachel Ravenlock, OP Baroness of Arn Hold
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