[Artemisia] Ard Ruadhs Masqued Ball

bill mayfield wpmay at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 29 00:16:38 CST 2004

  Ard Ruadh  invites you to thier 2nd Annual
                          Masqued Ball.

      Let it be known that on January 15th,2005
        the Area of Ard Ruadh will host a day long
      Celebration to include Rapier Fighting,A/S
        displays,Classes,Food,Fun and of course
     Lots of Dancing !!!

   The Morning will Start with a Pas de' Arms
      and Rapier Tourney,As well A/S classes
   are to be held.
  An All day A/S display will be had as well,with judging
    by populace acclaim.
  Activitys for the children are tenatively scheduled at this time.
     A Bardic Competition is to be had,so Bards...hone your
   songs and stories as the populace and Baronial Royality
   will be the Judge.

  Feast is set to be,Roasts,Breads,Cheeses,Salats,Bread Bowl w/ Printer Shop 
soup and SweetBreads for desert.
Afterwords a Baronial Court and then Dancing will fill the evening with Fun 
and Dancing for all !!! Please Bring or make a Masque for the Dance,to
help add to the Revelry and Mystery that is The Masqued Ball.

                    Autocrat: Jana        cros at netutah.com

                    Feast: Margretha  Dahn      cros at netutah.com             
        wpmay at hotmail.com

                    Arts/Sciences:Anna             lilsvenk at yahoo.com
                           if interested in teaching a class please contact
                            M'Lady Anna

   Location:550 East  700 South  St. George,Utah  84770
          (cultural hall and groundsof the LDS Chapel)
  This is VERY Dry site and we ask that if you must smoke to do
    so off site.

   Site Fee: $2.00    under 8 free, no more then 3 adult fees for gate
   Feast Fee: $5.00  under 10 $3.00 for feast

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