[Artemisia] moving help for Kyle and Isabeau??

HL Isabeau de Sevingy badsquire at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 16 14:03:05 CDT 2004

Hi all. 
This weekend William Kyle and I are moving stuff to our storage unit, same with next week, because on Saturday the 30th, we move into the new place. 
Of course, nothing in this life is easy, so Kyle got the call for an out-of-state gig and he's going to be in Seattle for a week, during next weekend. 
This leads to a dilema. I MUST get everything not going to the new place into the storage unit by next weekend (23rd/24th). I CAN'T lift this stuff, so I can't get this done alone. I need help.
So, this is a urgent call out to the folks in and around the Gryphons Lair and Loch Salann areas, please will all able-bodied folks who are not going to the Baronial event on Saturday or are availible on Sunday contact me? I need people who can lift and tote stuff, mostly boxes, and at least one pick-up truck. 
Also, if anyone is willing to help out on Saturday the 30th, that'd be a huge help, as well. As for this weekend, everyone who said they'd be here isn't yet, so if you can help out this weekend, please call me at 298-3435 or 390-4111 (cell) ASAP.
Thanks much,
who is starting to stress a little...

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