[Artemisia] Arwen/Esther to move

Reuben and Arwen reuben_arwen at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 6 15:28:31 CST 2005

Hey all, I'm very sorry to announce that I am leaving Artemisia after ten glorious years, and moving back to the New England area.  I will of course still play in the SCA, and everyone is welcome to find me at Pennsic War, which I will now get to more often :)   If you are interested in re-locating to a nice, quiet, well-established Shire in Northern Artemisia (Castelleone/Helena), my house is now up for sale.  It has a huge closet in the master bedroom for garb and it's own archery range.  Check it out at this link, by MLS# 102704, or contact me.  I will miss you all!  Love, Arwen/Esther

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