[Artemisia] Try again.. was An apology

Sondra Gibson sgibson at edulog.com
Thu Nov 10 12:21:21 CST 2005

Hello Mistress Thea,  ;-)

Because of all the discussion about pictures, I decided to check the
'source'.  (Kingdom Website)  There is no chronicler's handbook for the
Kingdom - the link goes to the Society handbook.  There are different rules
for websites and newsletters. There is *nothing* in the handbook that says
anything at all about having to get permission to publish photos in
newsletters.  There is talk about copyrighted material, but that is all.  

On a *website* you must have written permission to link a person's SCA name
with their 'real life' contact info: name, address, personal email. (but it
states that emailed permission is acceptabel)   No mention of photos.  It
does say that if a person *objects* to seeing their picture on an  SCA
website, it must be removed, or in group shots the person must be 'rendered
unrecognizable'.   Again, none of that 'advance permission in writing' stuff
that I keep hearing.  


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> What I meant to say is that I would want to be notified if a 
> picture in which I appeared was going to be used in a widely 
> distributed forum.
> -thea
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>  I would like to know that a photo I appear in will be used 
> in a widely distributed forum
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