[Artemisia] Sage covers-enough already

Morgan Wolf wolf912 at comcast.net
Fri Nov 11 13:31:04 CST 2005

My Lords and Ladies, Gentle Peers, and anyone else,

I ask that EVERYONE take a step back and RELAX.  What started as a simple
request from Their Majesties has escalated WAY out of control.  Whether or
not you personally like the covers done by Lord Aaron, respect the work that
he has done and acknowledge that he did it when you did not.  If you want to
see some other style of art on the cover, then submit enough of it to fill a
year's worth.  If you cannot or will not submit artwork of your own, then
perhaps this topic of discussion is not one you should join.

Having said that, I feel confident in saying that no one who has made a
statement on this topic in the last week intended personal affront, and ask
that EVERYONE read what was posted exactly as it was posted- black and
white, no insinuation, sarcasm, or other such inflections added.  Mistress
Thea's friendly challenge was just that, a friendly challenge, not a
criticism of Lord Aaron or Lady Freydis.  The opinions posted since then are
just that, opinions.

I humbly submit that this topic has reached the nadir of useful discussion,
and all can agree that the Sage needs more artwork submissions and that Lord
Aaron has truly earned some time off.  Why don't we let it die.

HL Morgan Blaidd Du

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