[Artemisia] The last of the cover art caper...

Julia Jackman-Brink julia.jackman-brink at umontana.edu
Wed Nov 16 10:25:54 CST 2005

Sue Clemenger wrote:

> 2.  Juliana is also out of town at the moment, having fun attending what are
> probably some *awesome* hockey games, so she will not be responding before
> Monday at the earliest, if she does.

More like Wednesday.... :)

Yes, the games were awesome (one might even call it therapeutic), so was 
walking through the "Petra: City of Stone" exhibit at the Glenbow 
Museum. I reccommend it if anyone can go. It will be in Calgary until 
the end of February.

And no, I will not be responding further to the issue at hand.


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