[Artemisia] The last of the cover art caper...

Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
Sat Nov 12 10:28:26 CST 2005

You know, Godwin, I was starting to entertain hopes that I might actually
make it through this entire unfortunate thread without giving in to the
overwhelming desire to respond to some of the posts I've seen this week, but
yours pushed me neatly over the edge.  So, while I will let Her Excellency
Juliana defend herself, if she feels it necessary, I would like to add a few
points on my own.
1.  HE Juliana was referring to a thread from a closed list of which most of
the kingdom is not a member, and is honoring the privacy of that list in not
broadcasting specifics to another list unless granted permission from the
original posters on the closed list.  That's basic good manners (one of
those peer-like qualities, dontchaknow), and not some sort of coy, sly
innuendo or slander.
I'd start practicing your apology--you're quite wrong in this case.  I quite
distinctly know the specific conversation to which she's referring, so I
know it's not something she's pulling out of thin air to make a point.  And
no, you're not getting details from me either, unless I have permission from
the original posters.
2.  Juliana is also out of town at the moment, having fun attending what are
probably some *awesome* hockey games, so she will not be responding before
Monday at the earliest, if she does.

And Morgan, if you want a topic on a list to die, the best way to achieve
that is to refrain from repeating someone else's request while also managing
to add your own insulting touches.  I may not be able to submit viable art
for anyone's newsletter (I can *maybe* draw a circle with the help of a
compass), but that does not, should not, and will not keep me from holding
my own opinions about artwork, whether they're in a graphic novel, on my
wall, or on the front cover of my kingdom's newsletter.

--Maire, OL, OP, and various other alphabetical combinations

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Subject: [Artemisia] The last of the cover art caper...

> My Lords and Ladies, Gentle Peers, and anyone else,
> >
> >I ask that EVERYONE take a step back and RELAX.  What started as a simple
> >request from Their Majesties has escalated WAY out of control.  Whether
> >not you personally like the covers done by Lord Aaron, respect the work
> >he has done and acknowledge that he did it when you did not.  If you want
> >see some other style of art on the cover, then submit enough of it to
fill a
> >year's worth.  If you cannot or will not submit artwork of your own, then
> >perhaps this topic of discussion is not one you should join.
> >
> >Having said that, I feel confident in saying that no one who has made a
> >statement on this topic in the last week intended personal affront, and
> >that EVERYONE read what was posted exactly as it was posted- black and
> >white, no insinuation, sarcasm, or other such inflections added.
> >Thea's friendly challenge was just that, a friendly challenge, not a
> >criticism of Lord Aaron or Lady Freydis.  The opinions posted since then
> >just that, opinions.
> >
> >I humbly submit that this topic has reached the nadir of useful
> >and all can agree that the Sage needs more artwork submissions and that
> >Aaron has truly earned some time off.  Why don't we let it die.
> >
> >HL Morgan Blaidd Du
> >
> >
> >
> There was nothing wrong with the posts dealing with asking people to
> submit ideas and art, such as were sent by HRM and Mistress Thea.
> I do believe however, that in black and white, the post from Juliana
> called Lady Freydis and Lord Aaron's integrity into question. And I
> quote verbatim:
> "
> I'd like to close in that there has been art and ideas (group sponsored
> covers anyone?) submitted in recent years, that were not accepted for
> various reasons. I can direct you to those people if confirmation is
> needed, but I think it is more important to note that not everything is
> as it seems.
> "
> This passage is not insinuation: It's a blatant accusation.
> Insinuation, would be the rest of her post, which would lead us to
> believe that Freydis is only using Aaron's work, to the exclusion of all
> others, and completely ignoring all other sources of medieval artistry.
> If I'm wrong, I'll fully apologize - and very publicly.....but I believe
> I read and comprehended the meaning as intended.
> My pence is spent.
> - anybody want to flame me, do it off-list. 'archergodwin <at> cableone
> <dot> net.
> Godwin

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