[Artemisia] Giants Walking the Earth

HouseofEame at aol.com HouseofEame at aol.com
Tue Oct 18 17:57:34 CDT 2005

Greetings Artimesia,   
Please bear with a perpetual lurker, but I  felt like I had to respond to 
Niccolo’s post. I also  lived when our giants were Brion and Anna, Aveloc, 
Laurelin, Aislinn, etc. They are still  giants: Brion and Anna are the new Crown 
Prince and Princess for the Kingdom of  the East, Laurelin is still contributing 
to the general knowledge of the time we  study. Even those that have been 
censured are still living the dream.   
You ask who will be the giants to those that come after  us? I purpose that 
you are. We all are.  If it is our mandate to live and conduct ourselves in 
such a way that  future members can look to us as personal examples of the 
chivalry and honor  that we hold dear, we will be giants. Perhaps not winning every 
tourney we  enter, but making a difference in an individuals’ experience.  It 
is not about the awards or the  recognition, although that is nice. It is 
about the people.  Thank you for the thought-provoking  question.  It is good to 
reflect  just why we play this game.  
The very traveled but always an  Artimesian, 
In Service,Lady  Etain Eame  

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