[Artemisia] library demo challenge--do you remember?

caointiarn caointiarn1 at juno.com
Thu Sep 1 07:43:45 CDT 2005

A small band of members led by Lady Aletheia Tarimaat hit four different
libraries in the surrounding areas, and we have 3 thank you notes . . . .I
forwarded the reminder to her for a more detailed accounting.

Maistreas Caointiarn
Seneschal for Bronzehelm

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From: "Rebecca Mikkelsen" <mikkelsen_rebecca at hotmail.com>
> Before summer began I issued a challenge--organize a demo at your local
library and win books!  The books are waiting . . . I have yet to receive
documentation from anyone about their group's demos.  > I can't wait for the
mail!  If you have the technology (scanner, digital
> camera, etc), you can send everything via e-mail.
> Mistress Rebecca Chadderton

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