[Artemisia] library demo challenge--do you remember?

Elaine, a.k.a. Iduna elaine.higgins at umontana.edu
Thu Sep 1 09:51:08 CDT 2005

Mistress Rebecca,
	Sentinels' Keep also had a demo.  Here is a copy of my write-up of that 
event which appeared in our local newsletter:
	Demo for "Dragons, Dreams, & Daring Deeds" Summer Reading Program
		A goodly number of our folk turned out on June 18 for our demo in 
support of Missoula Public Library's participation in this year's 
national Summer Reading Program.  Our group was introduced by a lady 
from the Library.  Dame Bronwen then spoke a bit about the Society and 
what we do; Syr Kian discussed armor and weapons, pointing out different 
styles among the various fighters present.  Then the fighters 
demonstrated fighting; those from Sentinels' Keep were Syr Kian, His 
Lordship Bjorn, Sir Uggedei, Sultan Brahim, His Lordship Hrothgar, and 
Sir Llywelyn.  They were joined by 3 gentlemen from Crystal Crags.  Then 
several of them permitted the children to take turns hitting -- and 
"killing" -- them.  A melee was fought, followed by more fighting bouts. 
  His Lordship Adne and Dame Bronwen took turns marshaling.
	Meanwhile, Lady Ygrainne demonstrated spinning and taught several 
people how.  Mistress Maire was carding wool.  Others present from our 
Barony were Mistress Annys, Baroness Joanna, His Lordship Dederick, 
Baroness Dierdre, Aethelwyn, [Kasey], Lady Ailianora, and myself.  In 
addition, Master Gabriel dropped by, with his wife (who received her 
A.o.A. just 2 weeks ago), and his brother.; they were in town visiting. 
  Despite clouds when we began, and a brief shower, the sun came out by 
the time the demo began.
	-- Mst. Iduna
elaine.higgins at umontana.edu

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