[Artemisia] Raptor War/Grimes Creek Fire update

Travis and Kathy Nelson alriccate at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 4 21:36:58 CDT 2005

Hello All,

Raptor War autocrat here...

While we did not think that the fire would impact the
event at all, the fire had different plans.  Around
4:30 this afternoon, we had one of the fire marshalls
come by to give us some news about the fire.  It was
about 6 miles away from the site, as the crow files
and, at that time, was pretty much out of control.  

Because there was not much wind, they were not doing a
manditory evacuation of the area...yet.  However, the
weather forecasts for the area indicated some fairly
unpredictable wind changes coming, so an evacuation
might be called for at any time.

After a discussion with their excellencies of Arn
Hold, we determined that we'd rather be safe than have
a mad scramble in the middle of the night, so we
closed the event down at around 5PM and everyone began
to pack up.

I have to say that I was truly impressed by the way
everyone jumped in to help get things gathered and
loaded in such a short amount of time.  I want to
thank everyone that helped take down and load the
baronial pavilions, showers, etc.  All in all, the
event went well, except for the rushed ending ;-)

In Friendship and Service,

Baron Alric of Ashfield

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