[Artemisia] 2006 planning calendar, January - June

Jeff Webster red_belt at msn.com
Wed Sep 14 19:47:56 CDT 2005

Well here goes, if you find any mistakes please email me privately so we 
don't tie up the list.

artemisianseneschal at msn.com

Seneschal type dude

Jan. 2006
7th   Crystal Crags—All Corpse Day
        Bronzehelm—12th Night
        Gyphon’s Lair—12th Night

14th  1000 eyes—Farewell to Arms
          Silverkeep—Birthday Bash

21st  Sentinels Keep—Midwinter Revel
         Loch Salann / Arrows Flight—Collegium

28th   Otherhill—12th Night

Feb. 2006
4th    Arn Hold—Masked Ball

11th    OPEN

14th—20th   Estrella War

25th  Open

March 2006
4th   1000  Eyes—Baroness’s Champion
         Otherhill—Arts and Sciences

11th    Kingdom Coronation

18th    Arn Hold—Poachers Feast
           Sentinels Keep—Spring Feast / Baronial Arts and Sciences
           Ard Ruadh—?

25th    Loch Salann—Baronial Birthday / Defenders Tourney
           Stan Wyrm—Love Revel

April 2006
1st  Arrows Flight—?

8th   Crown Tourney

15th  Twae Linnes—Spring Thaw

22nd  Cote du Ciel—Feast of St. Pyres

29th   Kingdom Convocation

May 2006
6th   Kingdom Arts and Sciences ?

13th  Northgate—Arts and Sciences / Champions Tourney
         Arrows Flight—Middle Eastern War

19-21  Arn Hold—Best Little Army
20th    Otherhill—Shire Birthday

26-29   Gryphon’s Lair—Quest
27th     Crystal Crags—Gallow Games

June 2006
3rd   Loch Salann—Melee Madness

7-11   1000 Eyes—Uprising

17th   OPEN

24th   Bronzehelm—Quest of the Wasteland?
          Dragonmarch—Shire Birthday / Champions Tourney

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