[Artemisia] Artemisian Crown Tournament Oct 7-9... The Prancing Moose

Willa - Rose yasmeena at juno.com
Wed Sep 28 02:39:41 CDT 2005

Friday October 7th schedule:

4pm: Site Opens 

6pm: Carmella Winery Tour. 
There is a $7 fee providing a keepsake souvenir wine glass for tasting
the fine wines of Carmella Winery. Please reply to this email if you
desire to be placed on the tour list.

8pm: The Prancing Moose Opens. 
A gambling house where patrons can purchase tokens, which are to be used
on a variety of period games. 

At the Prancing Moose, you will find the wonderful chaos of a late-period
tavern.  In the course of playing the games, staff will be on hand to
in an informal teaching setting.

At the end of the alloted time, prizes may be acquired in one of two ways
(TBD by number of attendees and Baron Niccolo, lead spokesperson of the
Artemisian Low Company):
1.  With an auction where tokens are the only permitted currency.
2.  For the greatest number of tokens.  (Down to third place?).

Performances (of all kinds) in The Prancing Moose would be very welcome. 
However, performers need to understand that this is not a formal
environment.  Basically, you'll be playing in a barroom. 

If, in the course of the evening, gamesters find cause for a duel, they
can take it outside.  

Event Stewards:
Mu'allemah Yaasamiina 
Yasmeena at juno.com
Maître Gillaume 
oldslowdon at rmci.net

Mu'allemah Yaasamiin al-Raqqasa al-'Ala'iyiyya OL, OP, Cd'O, etc. 
"The Equestrian Mistress"
Minister of the Royal Stables of Artemisia 
Mounted Companion of the Lance of St. Anne 

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