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Greetings all,,
    Well, the dead line for letters of intent for the office of the Earl Marshal is fast approaching. As of this Saturday, October 1, we will not be accepting any further letters of intent.
    So far, I have received * 1 * letter. Yes, that's one (1) letter for this position.
    Perhaps I have not worked hard enough to get the message out that this office has been open for bids. Perhaps I have let things slide on my end. I  am willing to except that.
So, one last call to any and all who feel they could find the time to hold this position. To those who feel they may be qualified to manage this office (it's not nearly as hard as you might think). To those who are willing to sacrifice their time at events for their Crown, Kingdom, and all the stout fighters of this kingdom. To those whose largesse is boundless, who seek a greater challenge, who would seek renown on the steeper path, I call to you, submit a letter for this office.
    This is a great post to hold. You will meet fellows from all over the known world. Being one of the four Marshal's in Charge at Estrella is truly an electrifying position to hold.  I encourage any and all who feel they may, send a letter of intent to myself, their Majesties and our Good Kingdom Seneschal as quickly as you may. 
     The office does not transfer until December, so there is plenty of time to get you prepared to manage the tasks for this office (once again, not nearly as hard as it sounds).
    I wish I could stay on for two more years, but alas, this is just not possible. I have not regretted the time have served this Kingdom and neither shall anyone else.
    So please, I echo Her Majesty's war cry "VOLUNTEER!"

----- Sir Ralph Bigod of Hereford, Master of the Laurel, King's Champion to Morgan Regis, Gryphon of Artemisia, Earl Marshal Artemisia
"bigoz e draschiers!"
A French term of contempt for the Normans. 

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