[Artemisia] Paging 4 Baronial Champions

DK Wickstrom dkwickstrom at cableone.net
Sat Feb 4 10:56:30 CST 2006

Forwarded from another list-

I am currently serving as a deputy to the Period Demo Center at
this year.  We are hosting a Combat Cookery Competition Thursday of
War and an invitation has been extended to each of the four principle
kingdoms to field a team of 5 cooks and 1 judge.  I am acting as
for the competition.

We have not yet heard if anyone from Artemisia wishes to participate in
We are asking that someone from each of the teams contact me no later
February 10th so that the appropriate amount of ingredients can be
purchased.   If you intend to have a team, I would ask that you have
one of
your members contact me with your list of participants and their

The full rules of the competition are available on the Special Events
section of the Estrella website.  However, for convenience's sake, I'll
attach a copy to my message as well.

Should your schedules permit, you are invited to come sample the
results at
7:30 in the Period Demo Center Thursday night.  :)

We look forward to seeing you and yours at war.

Yours in Service,

Dame Selene O'Malley, Pel, DWS

DK Wickstrom, ska Morgan d'Antioche
DarkHeart Armoury "...a tradition of Fine, Custom Armour
since last Tuesday."

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