[Artemisia] RE:Any War news yet?

earlalan at srv.net earlalan at srv.net
Tue Feb 21 23:26:31 CST 2006

Hello All,

Just back from Estrella, still a bit of coughing, and even my truck has
dust on it still.  Looks kinda funny here with the snow.

First news.  We WON!  Artemisia was on the winning side, which seldom has
happened in the recent past.  We had a fair turn-out of fighters, and Qati
(sp?) Dahoud held lead a fine Spartan group.

I marshalled the whole war, and got a good front row seat.  Artemisia did
well on the field.  The funniest sight of the war from the fighting side
was Sunday.  The Spartan unit had been assigned to block a narrow sally
point.  They formed a shield wall that was very tight.  As you know, the
attackers generally throw themselves up and over that type of a shield
wall.  The Spartan's shields, being formed of metal, and convex, were
slippery.  So when the attackers threw themselves on that shield wall,
they slipped off.  It was pretty funny to see and hear!  That shield wall
held the entire battle.  Well done!

The dust wasn't too much fun, but at least it was dusty and mid-70's!  So
that didn't suck!

Their Majesties were in fine form in Grand Court, each of Them entering
with a hooded falcon on arm.  We definately won the "style point" for
that.  And HRM Morgan definately had good stage presence.

It was fun, we won, and it wasn't muddy and rainy.  I had a good time.


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