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Yes, that is right.

And the membership fees pay for the kingdom newsletter, so people off-line 
can keep track of what's going on.

Reference Michael's comment.....yes, we did have this arguement 10 years 
ago, and 10 years before that.  On the lighter side, SCA has also come to 
mean "squabbeling constantly again".


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> Correct me if I'm wrong... but doesn't a membership also count toward the 
> status of our Kingdom and local groups?  I remember a few years ago when 
> there was a call to raise memberships out of fear of being a Principality 
> again.  Would that not be a benefit?
> -Celia
> Aletheia Isidora wrote...
> <snip>
> Also remember that membership does NOT benefit local groups except thru
> the insurance coverage thing - the money all goes to corpora. Local
> groups are supported by site and feast fees - better to pay at the local
> level (and cheaper, too).
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