[Artemisia] Greetings to all

Ted Elliott alliancecapital1 at qwest.net
Sun Nov 12 14:25:10 CST 2006

Lady Asa and I wanted to thank everyone for helping to make Toys for Tots a truly magnificent event.  It could not have been possible without the support of all whom attended.  Special thanks go to Lady Ash, Jacque and their cooking crew, the food was superb and we are forever in your debt.
A quick recap of the days events.
We have a new Shire Rapier Champion : Lord Michael
Our Bardic Shire Champion is : Lord Padruig
We had a Brewing Contest that actually turned into a 45 minute BS and have a beer session.  I won by default, but I expect MANY more brewers at our next competition.
M'lady Alagretza won the A&S competition with her wonderful bread, that we all enjoyed at dinner, and a her apron dress that was done very skillfully.
The event was graced with many great singer, story tellers and of course our Damn Vicar and his stories of painful butt raps.
Special congratulations go out to Lord Rat, Lady Katie and Lady Asa for all receiving their AoA's Last night.  Lord Vidar is the Kingdom's newest TANK, keep motoring on my friend.
I know there were a couple of other awards given last night, but much of it was a blur, partly due to Her Majesty ambushing me and giving me my AoA.
To all I forgot to mention, I apologize.  Congratulations!

Lastly I want to thank everyone for making Toys for Tots a marvelous success, we collected 242 ! toys last night and a large amount of food.  This is what T4T is truly about, Thanks.

A big VIVAT to all of you.
Lord Finlay and Lady Asa

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