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Tue Mar 4 14:53:00 CST 2008

Forwarded at the Steward's request-

At Mystery Event this year, March 29th in Arrow's Flight, we are enjoying the talent and teaching abilities of the gifted people in our fair lands. Come and learn some new A&S skills and join with friends for an enjoyable day. Children's Activities and Youth Combat will be held for the young ones, as well as heavy and rapier tournaments for the not-so-young fighters. We hope to see and hear all gifted folk in the Bardic held during feast. And remember, Bad Garb is GOOD on this day--come and model your worst in our Bad Garb contest. We also need the inquiring minds and intellect to solve our mystery of Mystery Event. 

Here is the list of the many Arts & Sciences classes that will be taught through the day, beginning at noon.

HL Morgan
Care and Feeding of Royalty
Courtly Graces 101
SCA Camping and Camp Preparation

HL Ellisif
Card Weaving 101 
The SCA for Newcomers.

Lady Marguarette
Basic Spinning
Introduction to 16th Century Garb

m'Lady Elfwyn
Philosophy of Garb 
Nicer Garb for Newcomers
SCA Camping

m'Lord Joseph
Basic Rope Use and Care

m'Lady Kayleigh
Stick Weaving for Children

Event Steward:
Lady Allegretza
allegretza at yahoo.com

'i Hurddas Morgan Blaidd Du 

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