[Artemisia] Rose Hips

Dawn Tavares dtavares1 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 11 13:06:51 CDT 2008

Lady Flora, 
> Living out in the country, I have access to bushels and bushels of wild rose> hips. When in bloom, these wild roses are the typical five-petaled pink> rose. They look VERY much like our own heraldic rose. 
Sounds like a variety of the species rose native to the Intermountain West.
>I have successfully made rose hip jelly out of these hips. 
Ooooh!  Will you be coming to Brine Shrimp Defenders? Could you bring some?
>Is this wild type of rose  hip suitable for soup? >So my second question is would> they be suitable for harvesting and preparing THIS time of year? 
The redder and softer the hip, the easier it should be to process. Hips from species roses are usually the best for consumption because they produce far more pulp and retain greater flavor than overbred garden varieties. As long as the bushes haven't caught any chemical spray from road maintenance or pest abatement programs, pick as much as you can. 

This is the URL for the Swedish store I mentioned:
I'll check the local health food outlets to see if they sell whole hips.
And some extra rose candy for eye and brain:

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