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richard mccarter thorvaldbadaxe at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 18 11:31:31 CDT 2008

Just a reminder that we are gathering this coming Saturday to help in the clean up of the Ren Fair/Quest site. If you are able please come on out about noon to lend a hand. Kids are also welcome as this is a wonderful place to play. URFFF will be providing snacks and drinks.
If you need more info or directions please call.

From: thorvaldbadaxe at hotmail.comTo: gryphonslairbarony at yahoogroups.com; lochsalann at yahoogroups.comSubject: Utah RenfairDate: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 09:29:46 -0600

Greetings,  The Utah Renaissance Fair and Fantasy Festival is scheduling a work day to start the clean up of there new site. This is also the site Gryphon's Lair will be using for this years Quest. The site was previously used by a paint ball organization so there are 20 + of the 55 gallon plastic drums that are there for the taking if you wanted to put together armor of any sort. There are 20 + of the wooden wire reels. Many will be used by the URFFF but I am sure there could be a few to take home as well if you so desired. There are quite a few buildings that will need to be moved and they are bringing in a grade all to handle the heavy lifting. There is just a bunch of stuff to clean up.  I ask and encourage you to come out and join us for the day both to help them out, and also help out the SCA as well. This is an ongoing relationship that we have been working on to both support the Ren Fair and also secure our spot within the Fair as a great demo opportunity. And Now this year we are also getting to use the site for Quest which is awesome!! This site is a dream come true for the SCA with room enough to grow into an Uprising size event or larger. The terrain is great with lots of trees as well as open area's for camping. The owner is looking for groups like ours to use and help cover her costs with the state, but is not willing to sell it off to be developed.  So lets help them out and at the same time we will also be helping ourselves.  The work day is set for March 22nd starting at noon. They will be providing drinks and snacks for all workers. The site is located at 3100 W. Pioneer RD. just west of Ogden. Feel free to call if you want further details or directions.726-0155  YISThorvaldBGL

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