[Artemisia] 10 Atenveldt Kingdom Collegium Classes You Shouldn't Miss..

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Atenveldt Kingdom Arts & Sciences Collegium
June 7-8, 2008

Full event information, including contacts for crash space, site fees, a
hotel list, information about the Bar-B-Que/revel planned for attendees on
Saturday night, and a detailed CLASS LIST BY TRACK showing the class
descriptions, class limits, class fees and times for classes is now
available online if you go to the "Atenveldt Collegium 2008" page at

INSTRUCTOR: Sir Justin du Roc, OP, OL
TRACK: Brewing
CLASS: Advanced Beer Brewing
DESC: (ALL DAY CLASS) Students will be turning a pile of grain into beer.
(Students will learn to do all grain brewing.) History and technique will
also be covered. Students will not be receiving any finished product. Must
be 21 years old and have ID to attend.

INSTRUCTOR: Maitresse Melisend de Chartres
TRACK: Performing Arts
CLASS: Renaissance SitComs - Commedia della Arte Theatre 
DESC: Do you love "The Office"? Do you set your clock to "Two and a Half
Men"? Is your week incomplete without "Scrubs"? If so, discover Commedia
della Arte theatre - the Renaissance sitcom! We will discuss standard plots,
try on commedia masks and personas and read through period and modern
scripts. No acting experience required.

INSTRUCTOR: Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan, OP
TRACK: Royalty and Peerage 
CLASS: Ask a Peer Forum
DESC: A panel of Knights, Laurels, Pelicans, and Royal Peers answers
questions about the road to Peerage, the responsibilities of being a Peer,
secret Peer Rituals (are there any??), being a Squire/Apprentice/Protege and
much more.  Come ask those questions you've always wanted to have answered.
The above forum is intended to allow non-Peers an opportunity to ask Peers
questions about Peerage (the path there and responsibilities carried after
the accolade).

INSTRUCTOR: Visc. Lore de Lorraine, OP
TRACK: SCA Service/Administration/Officers
CLASS: "Who is the BoD and What Do They Do?"
DESC: Ever wondered what exactly the SCA Board of Directors does? What
they're good for? How one becomes a Director? Are they necessary? Here's the
"inside scoop" from a previous Executive Assistant to the Board, who can
answer those questions for you.

INSTRUCTOR: Master Seamus Sinclair, OP
TRACK: Other Classes of Interest
CLASS: Cuttle up with Casting
DESC: Learn to cast in pewter with cuttle fish. This is a hands-on class and
you should be able to walk away with something you made.

INSTRUCTOR: Avacyn Gericsdochter
TRACK: Youth (10 to 15 years)
CLASS: Medieval Board Games
DESC: Rules and demo of medieval games, including but not limited to: 9 Man
Morris, Alqueque, Mancala, Chess, Hnefatafl. Boards will be provided.
Student learn the rules, with time provided for kids to practice new skills

INSTRUCTOR: Master Sim MacFhearchair, OL
TRACK: Youth (5 to 9 years)
CLASS: Magic 101
DESC: An introduction to performance magic Class will cover basics of
misdirection and performing magic with easily carried items like coins,
balls, paper, string or cards. Some simple tricks will be performed and
taught, and students will get to take a few items home to practice with.   

GUEST INSTRUCTOR (MERIDIES): Mistress Jadi Fatima al-Ishfahani
al-Samarkandiyya, OL
TRACK: All Things Middle-Eastern
CLASS: Khalidji Dance
DESC: This is a women's dance of the Bedouin peoples of Arabia. It is a
tribal dance, performed with the hair worn lose, and a special garment,
called a Thob. (Mistress Jadi is teaching a separate class on the
construction of the Thob.) You do not need to wear a Thob to participate in
this class. If you have a large, light veil, bring it, it will be helpful.
This dance is rhythmic, sensual, elegant and simple to perform. The basic
footwork, shoulder, head and arm movements will be taught, along with the
history and meaning of this dance and instructions for performing the dance
as a group or solo.  This dance can be performed even by those with physical
difficulties. If you have concerns, please speak with the instructor at the
beginning of class.

INSTRUCTOR: Sir Ivan Petrovich, OL
TRACK: All Things Viking
CLASS: An introduction to Tablet Weaving
DESC: A basic introduction to tablet or card weaving, covering some basic
weaving terms, a brief history of tablet weaving, followed by the hands-on
aspects of warping up your tablets and the basic principles of weaving with
tablets. No experience is necessary. A loom, shuttle, yarn and tablets will
be provided. Please bring scissors. If you have a loom of your own, you are
encouraged to bring it.

INSTRUCTOR: Mistress Dairine mor o' Uhigin, OL
TRACK: SCA Service/Administration/Officers
CLASS: Forum on Allowing Artists to use their names in competition
DESC: An examination of the reasons for and against anonymous entries in
Arts & Science Competition. For years this old practice has come under fire
for creating more problems than it solves. In this forum several Peers will
discuss whether or not the competition has been served as intended by this
rule and what remedies have been proposed. Come and add your opinion to the

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