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> So, the stuff we do is actually illegal and could get the brewers, the
> judges and the Kingdom Officials, as well as the SCA in trouble, and on a
> federal level too, not just local? And the SCA allows this?
> And I thought dealing with MONEY was the only way to get a jail sentence in
> the SCA.
> Stâpanâ Catriona Morganosa, OP
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> VIVAT! Yea what he said.
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> Mark <whitewolf at lolopeak.com> wrote:
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> In my opinion:
> Anyone who is in any position of authority, which includes judges in a
> competition, should not be suggesting that someone should be distilling, or
> that their scores might be higher if they had.
> Ådne

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Ok I know the other brewers out there will jump in here but I just had to
get in this one.  I must have missed the post about a judge suggesting that
someone DISTILL their own alcohol.  I'm sure the choice of words were just
made in haste during what was most likely a very hectic competition.  With
that said, for those who do not brew or are thinking of brewing.....

The brewing of beer/ale is not illegal BUT  you have to stay below a certain
# of gallons per year (which I can't remember exact but 2000 gal. stands out
that is what is consider "personal consumption).  Beyond that you must
obtain a license to make it.

Distilling is as we all know a different process and is EXTREMELY dangerous
if not done under the proper conditions.  Distilling is usually used when
referring to grains converted to alcohols such as vodka, whiskey and the
like.  If not done properly can lead to blindness and death.

Making wine, cordials, mead etc also fall into the brewing category.  All
can be done for "personal consumption" as long as one stays below the stated
# of gallons.  

There is one proviso however, each state has laws with regard to home
brewing so you need to be aware of those as well.

I have not brewed for a very long time and I'm sure that there are much more
learned peoples out there than I but I thought I'd at least get the
discussion going.


Mst. Cecilia di Firenze

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