[Artemisia] Woodturning Question

Bob Parris boblostarcher at yahoo.com
Sat May 24 10:42:24 CDT 2008

I know that bowers use glue,or paint to coat
 the ends of the wood that they want to age.
yis Robert the Lost

Michael the Loud <hanhebin at yahoo.com> wrote: We had 3 aspen trees die in my yard this year and in
taking these trees down I have more wood than I can
handle at the present.  Green wood is always the
easiest to turn using period methods but distort and
cracks as the wood dries.  I have found this
especially true in the drier climate we have here.

To preserve wood, I frequently seal any excess wood I
get but I have not found any reference to this being
done in period sources.  Does anybody know if this was
done and can point me to a source?  Working with cured
wood was done in period but from what I can found this
was more typically excess wood cut that was stored
until the turner could get to it.


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