[Artemisia] [Blackwing] Possible additional rapier activities at Uprising

Mike Bradley connor.mac.michil at gmail.com
Tue May 27 10:16:58 CDT 2008


In an attempt to be civil I walked away from the computer for an hour
before responding to this.

First, I haven't proposed anything yet. I was trying to get a feel for
interest before I proposed anything.

Second, what right do I have? I've been a member of the SCA for 15
years; I'm a rapier fighter, a marshal, and a member of the Orders of
the Talon d'Or, Golden Scarf, and White Scarf; I like seeing people go
home from events, especially Uprising, with the sense that they got
all the fighting and fun that they could want and then some. So, I
would say that I have the same right *as anyone else* that wants to
supply ideas or sponsor some sort of event at Uprising, whether it be
a tournament, a cooking competition, a bardic or any anything else.

Third, based on the 10 or so people who brought these things up to me
directly at Quest, and all the additional people that joined in the
conversations, including essentially all the White Scarves in
attendance, that there would be a fairly high level of interest in one
or both activities among the rapier population in general.


On Tue, May 27, 2008 at 6:17 AM, John D Gibson <scjdgibson at gmail.com> wrote:
> Just curious, what gives you the right to even propose this?
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> Unto my brothers and sisters of the blade, Greetings from Don Conchobhar,
> A little while back I had an idea for a tournament that I was going to
> run this Uprising. But, I will not be doing so primarily for a very
> personal reason. Don't bother asking what, as I will probably run the
> tourney at a future date, and I won't give away the surprise until I
> decide to do so.
> However, while attending Quest in Gryphons Lair (Your Excellencies, I
> commend You for Your gracious hospitality and Your event stewards for
> a wonderful time; Your Highness Tianna, I do believe that my daughter
> likes You more than she does me after questing with You) I spoke with
> many and two things seemed to come up a lot. However, before speaking
> with the Powers That Be to arrange things, I'd like to gauge the
> interest of the rapier community at large. Basically, I don't feel
> like putting in the effort to run things if they are going to be
> poorly received or attended.
> Matter the first, a Rose & Butterfly Tourney. Before going any
> further, I should note, that if I run this it will be under the
> original rules from when I first ran the tourney. Specifically that
> all entrants must be sponsored by a Lady of the Rose or Papillion (and
> similar Orders from other Principalities, i.e. a Duchess, Countess, or
> Viscountess) or currently reigning Queen or Princess. I would be
> interested in hearing both from the rapier fighters and the Ladies on
> this matter; a lack of interest on either side would be enough to
> convince me not to sponsor and run the tourney. As there is little
> time to prepare, I would only require a letter of sponsorship if the
> sponsor was not able to be present.
> Matter the second, Battle Chess. The last time I recall rapier Battle
> Chess at Uprising we were still using foils and epees, Master Albert
> had just received his White Scarf, and I was attending my first event.
> Don't ask what year it was, or what Uprising it was, I'm not
> particularly fond of being reminded of my age. If this is to happen,
> there are a few things that are needed ... (1) 32 (no more, no
> less...ok, I *can* work with less, but I'd rather not, and if there
> are more, well, maybe more than one game will happen) rapier fighters
> that want to participate (2) two people that want to play chess (3)
> barring any visiting Donas, Their Ladyships KyneWynn and Rowan to
> portray the Queens (4) at least one more, because I'm up for playing,
> Don for Kings on each side.
> As it is *very early* Tuesday morning, I'll give through this up
> coming weekend to gauge interest. This is not to say that you only
> have that long to find a sponsor for the R&B, or that I need a list of
> all 32 chess pieces by then, but a limit on when if there is not
> enough interest in one or both activities that I am not going to get
> them onto the schedule. This should give everyone on the list a chance
> to go to fighter practice, chat with people, etc. and let me know. You
> can post back to any of the lists that this went out to, or reply to
> me privately. Also, feel free to forward to this to any of the local
> lists, or any other list as you see fit.
> HL Conchobhar, Defender of the White Scarf

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