[Artemisia] No ^&^%$, There I Was...

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Thu Dec 10 12:54:11 CST 2009

Demons above and below you will be missed!  South Pasadena is a lovely city so your windshield was obstructing the view as well as detracting from the city's beautification code.


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> Subject: [Artemisia] No ^&^%$, There I Was...
> Driving through South Pasadena, mind wandering. When suddenly I see
> bright colors flashing.
> And I realize it can't be drugs, because this is So. Cal in the 21st
> Century, not the 1960s.
> Then I find out it's a very friendly SPPD officer. And he's telling
> me I can't come up to Utah for Twelfth Night. At least that's what
> I'm hearing.
> What he's actually saying is that I have a month to replace the
> cracked windshield that no one has said "boo" about for 3 years.
> Why can't Bruce be rich like Niccolo?
> le sigh....
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