[Artemisia] No ^&^%$, There I Was...

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Thu Dec 10 16:17:46 CST 2009

Because the Coin of Bruce's Realm is the U.S. Dollar, while the coin of Niccolo's Realm is chocolate, fabric, and good deeds.  It is much easier to be rich in good deeds than it is to be rich in dollars, trust me, we have the same problem.

Baron Morgan Blaidd Du,

Protege and Ghillie to Baron Master James Ulrich MacKellar, OL OP;
and Baroness Mistress Rachel Ashton, OP 

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> Driving through South Pasadena, mind wandering.  When suddenly I see
> bright colors flashing.
> And I realize it can't be drugs, because this is So. Cal in the 21st
> Century, not the 1960s.
> Then I find out it's a very friendly SPPD officer.  And he's telling
> me I can't come up to Utah for Twelfth Night.  At least that's what
> I'm hearing.
> What he's actually saying is that I have a month to replace the
> cracked windshield that no one has said "boo" about for 3 years.
> Why can't Bruce be rich like Niccolo?
> le sigh....
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