[Artemisia] Greetings, and Urgent re Quest for Camelot Cabins

Juliana Foxcroft juliscrybbles at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 20:00:25 CST 2009

My name is Lady Juliana Foxcroft and I hail from the Shire of
Schattentor in the Kingdom of Northshield.  The following message is
being posted to lists for Shattentor, Northshield, Artemesia,
Calontir, and the Outlands.  Please feel free to forward to anyone who
may be interested.

I just received a phone call from Nemo Guest Ranch.  I was advised
that the following cabins are still available for the weekend of our
Quest for Camelot event (May 14-17, 2009):

Ranch House
Big House
Circle 3

If we do not get these cabins reserved within the next few days the
Ranch is going to have to start letting them go to other people, which
means we could end up with a lot of mundane folks in the middle of our
event.  If you're interested in renting a cabin this year for Quest,
*please* get your reservations in.

You can view the information and pricing on the cabins at the website:



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