[Artemisia] Uprising Volunteering and Raffle

Elena Llewelyn elena.llewelyn at gmail.com
Thu May 20 07:16:25 CDT 2010

Greetings all!

Uprising is tons more fun when more people give time to volunteering. Many
hands to make small work and the more we spread the volunteering around, the
more fun everyone will get to have. We have a tendancy to have a small group
of people doing the main part of the volunteer work load. It would be
amazing to have everyone donate an hour or two to help carry the load. Here
is a list of what we need help with this year:
Reeve's Point
Heralds - Announcing and Roving Criers
Children's Activities
All around go-fors
Guides for mundane tours.

We will also need volunteers to help us load and unload our baronial storage
unit. This is a very big job, and the more people that can come and assist,
the easier it will be for all of us involved.
If you are intersted in any of these positions, let me know either by this
post, directly by email, or when you get to Uprising! I will also be located
in the Herald's Point tent, and you can stop by and see where we need your
help the most.

On a related note, I am looking for contributions towards the Volunteer
Raffle for this year. The raffle was a huge success last year! We has so
many wonderful donations that we were able to raffle off to all of our
hardworking volunteers. The raffle this year will be the same as it has
been: the more hours you put into volunteering, the more tickets you receive
to put into whichever object(s) you might like to win. If there is a
trinket, set of objects, etc that you would like to donate towards the
raffle, let me know via email, or stop by Herald's Point at the beginning of
Uprising so we can display it. Anything that you can provide would be
greatly appreciated.

Again, any questions, feel free to email me at elena.llewelyn@
gmail.com<elena.llewelyn%40gmail.com>. Hope to see you all soon!


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