[Artemisia] Kitchen at Raptor War

Angela Zentz allegretza at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 21 15:59:47 CDT 2012

For anyone who has a need:
I will have a kitchen to buy into at Raptor War.
It will be from Friday breakfast through Sunday breakfast: cost is $27 per adult, $14 for 12 and under.
Bring your own eating gear and utensils. I will have a wash station for you to do your dishes. Drinks (other than water) are up to you. 
eggs to order, pancakes, bacon or sausage, fruit
sandwiches (meat, PB&J or egg salad), beef jerky, fruit, chips, muffins
lasagna, salad, raw veggies, garlic bread
sloppy joes, cooked veggie, cobbler
I need to know on or before July 1. Limited to first 15 peoples.

If you are prepared for the zombie apocolypse,
everything else is covered.

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