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The Shire of Stan Wyrm Presents Dragon’s Tear July 12-14, 2013

In the dawning of our world, the last pair of dragons flew through skies of
sapphire blue. With their great ages one landed to fall into his last
sleep. Grief stricken for her loss, the last mighty Lady Dragon cried tears
until she, as well passed from this world into myth and legend. On July
12th Anno Societatis XXXII there were two beasts who as the Lady Dragon had
birthed such wonder in her tears, they birthed a Kingdom of grace and might
through their own cries. These beasts of course were the Gryphons that rear
proudly on our kingdom banner.

In the beauty and grace of both the Dragons and the Gryphons we gather
every year to remember them. With honor, chivalry, selfless service, and
the passing of knowledge, their memory lives on with the Shire of Stan
Wyrms’ annual Dragon’s Tear Event.

Dragon's Tear is held at Camp Rotary, which is located between Monarch and
Neihart, MT.  There will be signs posted on the highway.

Coming from the North by way of Great Falls:
 1) Take 10th Avenue, S east out of town, which will eventually turn into
 Highway 89/200 for approximately 23 miles,
 2) At the Armington Junction, turn right on US Hwy 89 towards Monarch,
Neihart, and White Sulfur Springs,
3) Drive approximately 26 miles through Monarch.
4) After passing Monarch (south) look for a sign that reads “Camp Rotary”
and points to the right.
5) Turn right, cross the bridge (it is narrow, but wide enough for RVs),
and continue down the dirt road, which will end at the camp.  Camp Rotary
is the final camp on the road.  Do not turn off the main dirt road.

 Coming from the South/Bozeman:
1) Head north out of Bozeman on MT-86/Rouse Ave for approximately 37 miles
2) Turn left onto U.S. 89N
 3) U.S. 89 will merge with U.S. 12.  Drive through White Sulpher Springs
4) Turn right onto US-12 E/US 89N/W (Main Street)
5) Turn left onto US 89N
 6) Drive through Niehart.  Approximately 8 miles after Niehart, you will
pass Camp Rotary (which you can see across the creek).  You will need to
continue past the camp to the turn off for Camp Rotary Road.
7) Turn left, cross the bridge and continue back along the dirt road until
you come into the camp.

As a word of caution-this road is often very rutted.  Please exercise
caution while driving, and follow posted speed limits.

Rapier fighters will be showing their metal in our Tavern Brawl Tourney.

Our Shire Champion combatants will be spinning the wheel of death for the
right to carry our fabled bam for the next year.

Archers hone your skills and shoot straight in our Zombie shoot tourney to
determine our Archer Champion for the next year!

Our bardic competition will be held during feast to choose our new champion.

The Grand Champion Tourney is something special this year, a crested helm
tourney is planned for this year. Combatants must make their own crest,
which will be judged by populace choice for best crest.  Combatants must
have a consort present to compete.  The Rules for this Grand Tourney is as


**Site fee: $15.00 for adults for the weekend.  Children, ages 12 and under
$10.00, Children under 5 years will be guests of the shire.
**Day trip fee: $7.00 Non Member Surcharge applicable on all site fees.
**Family cap: Family of 4 or more family cap on site fee will be $45.00.
**Feast Fee: $15.00 for adults, for 3days of meals, Sunday breakfast will
be leftovers.
**Children 12 to 5 years $10.00 under 5 years will be guests of the shire
at feast.
**Feast is capped at 75 so reserve with the feast steward in advance
**Cabin reservations: $5.00 reserves a cabin that sleeps 8 to 11 people!
**On site bed space will be available according to bed space available on a
first come first serve basis at a fee off $1.00 per bed.  Bring your own

Make checks payable to: Shire of Stan Wyrm, SCA  Inc.

Site opens at Noon on Friday for Merchants and Staff, at 4:00PM for the

Children’s activities planned are as follows;
A craft class
A youth combat tourney
Thieves game will go on throughout the day.

Come join us for all the fun and Chivalrous combat and competition!
Event Steward: Lady Anikahha desertdancer2004 at yahoo.com.
Co Event Stewart: Lord Wolfgang  garth_gabriel2000 at yahoo.com.
Cabin/camping coordinator: Lord Lochlain dvdbl at yahoo.com.
Feast Steward: M’lady Marcella singeraprildawn at gmail.com.
Merchant Coordinator: Lady Kat the wench 431-5256 fansca at aol.com.

April Douglas

"The best and most beautiful things in the world are not seen nor touched,
but are felt in the heart."

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