[Artemisia] Heraldry Notifications and Rejections (PLEASE READ)

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First, I wish to re-state that I am fully aware that these rules are from the Society level, NOT Kingdom level, and I truly appreciate and respect all of our Kingdom Officers, especially our current Golden Wing Herald and Kingdom Seneschal.  I deeply appreciate the explanation that an actual color-fastness test was done, and that these markers were found to be the best; requiring them makes a great deal more sense now.  Having said that, can we not find some middle ground between "use these" and "rejected for wrong coloring method"?  Perhaps a "held for coloring method correction", i.e. contact the submitter and ask them to use the correct markers, advising them that their submission cannot proceed until corrected, rather than rejecting it and making them re-submit the whole thing?  
And just in case it wasn't clear yet, I greatly appreciate the work done by HL Dunkr, and all of our other Kingdom Officers, and by no means intended my previous comments to give any other impression.


Baron Morgan Blaidd Du,
Protege and Ghillie to Baron Master James Ulrich MacKellar, OL OP;
and Baroness Mistress Rachel Ashton, OP

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>I have scanned some replies to this and would like to not that this is NOT
>a Kingdom rule, we are just passing the rules along. This is coming down
>from the Laurel level (society). The reasoning behind this being that they
>(the Laurel) are required to store a hard copy of all submissions, and what
>is being reported down to us is that wax is melting when in storage. Also,
>printer ink fades after 2-3 years. The Crayola markers are staying true
>If you have concerns with these rules, please feel free to contact me off
>I know there is a LOT of frustration out there right now regarding
>rejection (being one of the people who's device was rejected in the last
>year for this reason and the new orientation rules).
>We are not making these rules at the Kingdom level to make things
>difficult. I am passing the rules that have come down to us to try to make
>things easier for everyone.
>Once again, if you have concerns with or questions about the rules, please
>contact me off list at principal-herald at artemisia.sca.org.
>Dunkr Ormrhandleggr
>Golden Wing
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