[Artemisia] Combined Cooks Guild Play Date

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Thu Apr 24 21:29:51 CDT 2014


Combined Cooks Guild Play Date - All are invited
TheCombined Cooks guilds of the Baronies of Loch Salann and Gryphons Lair have aplay date and invite everyone to join us.
SaturdayMay 3rd, at Dame Hilde’s abode (Kearns, UT),Starting at 1 pm.
Anyoneinterested in period cooking/food is welcome to attend. 
We will bedoing some outdoor/camp cooking over the fire pit and have indoor options too.
Dame Hilde& Meistres Gwynnyth will be sharing some of what they learned at WCCS.
The moredetails
Pleaseplan to come and bring $5 to help cover cost of ingredients.
If anyonehas some specific recipe they would like to try, please bring what you need andlet us know. 
If youhave any period cook ware you would like to play with bring it.
Also, weask that you bring a sauce or side dish with recipe/redaction or if necessary ingredients& recipe to make a sauce/side of your choice to go with items we will cook.(looking at Chicken & Lamb)
We willhave salt, pepper, sugar, flour, yeast, rose water, orange flower water, vinegar,oil, some eggs,
If youneed a specific spice and can’t find it, please let us know as we may have it.
Pleasejoin the Facebook event so we have a general count 

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