[Artemisia] Kingdom Fundraiser at Uprising

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Fri May 29 12:09:40 CDT 2015

Volunteers are requested. Se below for details. Anyone interested please
contact Winifred Whitehorse.  Thank you.


Here is our main Kingdom Fundraiser at Uprising


The Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer's Office was asked to handle the
Kingdom Fundraiser at Uprising. To that end...

It was determined, after a lot of discussion and input, that instead of
auctioning off items, we would do something a little different. This
fundraiser will provide the opportunity for our populace to donate money to
the Kingdom and receive something very special -- time.

Here are the guidelines.

1. The time being offered for one hour, and must be done at Uprising. This
absolutely will not extend beyond 2015 Uprising period.

2. Wonderful members of our Kingdom have generously donated their time for
this fundraiser. These "Donors" are offering a couple of time frames and
the types of “services” they will provide.

3. Any individual who wishes to purchase a Donor’s time will do so knowing
that they will receive the specific time offered by the Donor. In many
cases the Donor only has small allotments of time, and they have very
generously offered one of those hours to the Kingdom.

4. The types of services being offered will be as varied as the Donors
offering them. The services offered could include things like one on one
time for teaching, doing your Uprising chores, set up or tear down of your
encampment for an hour, fighter training, mentoring, entertaining your camp
with songs, and so forth. This cannot in any way include child care or
anything else that goes against policy or law.

5. We will be posting a list of Donors, times and services during the days
leading up to Uprising. (i.e., Duke So and So will offer training and
critiques on fighting techniques on Thursday at 3:00 p.m. or Friday at 9:00
a.m.; Mistress Generous will instruct on inkle weaving or period dance on
Saturday at 10:00 a.m.; and so forth). The recipient would select from the
services offered (if more than one) and the time.

6. The cost for time starts at $25.00 for the hour. This will be paid at
Uprising. We put this price so that everyone will be able to purchase time.
However, you are free to donate more if you’d like.

7. As available times will vary, and everyone arrives at different times
for Uprising, this is a first come, first serve format. There will be a
sign up – donation sheet available. More information as we get closer to

Thank you Everyone.

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