[Artemisia] identifying cheaters

Susan E. Macnamara machay at xmission.com
Fri Oct 2 11:48:01 CDT 2015

I don't know that I care if that was the absolutely best Tourney ever.  
The fighters were probably tired. It probably did skew the outcome.  
But the outcome was going to be skewed anyway by the rhinos. The  
reality that it was done once, is still talked about, will continue to  
be talked about, has an impact. It may not be visible, but knowing  
humans, it is real. My guess is there were more than a few fighters  
observing that event who examined their own behavior more closely. The  
same for the other incidents described. They are part of our history  
now, and our tradition. We're alive and kicking!
YIS, Luveday

Quoting "danoman1000 ." <danoman1000 at gmail.com>:

> If refighting an entire crown tourney is being considered as a future
> option, I have some questions about how it worked in the past.

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