[Artemisia] 20 YEAR MEDIA LEAK

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Hosted by the Barony of Gryphons Lair
Friday June 30th -Tuesday July 4th 2017

The site is Historic Fort Buenaventura, located in Ogden, Utah.
This auspicious occasion promises a plethora of activities for the delight of all.

Melees and Tourneys for Armored Combat and Rapier; Arts and Sciences Activities; Archery; Thrown Weapons; Youth activities
A Pas d’arms featuring past and present Royalty of Artemisia and more!

There will be ample camping space, RV space must bepreregistered for. Easy access from the freeway and close to hotels &restaurants for those that prefer such. Preregistration information will be inthe Sage Advice and on Electronic information outlets.

Watch for more information as plans progress

We will be looking for FULL COLOR ARTWORK for T-Shirts to commemorate this anniversary event. Start your designs now. With the fabulous artists in this Kingdom the choice is sure to be a difficult one.

Submit your designs to the Event Stewards;

Azir de Lucera 				&		Asgeirr Rekke I Dane 
seneschal at baronyofgryphonslair.org		baron at baronyofgryphonslair.org

If you are interested in being part of the event team orsponsoring, hosting, assisting with coordinating any activities please contactthe Event Stewards; Volunteers will be needed (and greatly appreciated!!) in allareas of event administration.

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