[Artemisia] Heraldry Notifications and Rejections (PLEASE READ)

Golden Wing Principal Herald principal-herald at artemisia.sca.org
Sun Jul 14 22:21:47 CDT 2013

Below are a couple important notes for those who have recently submitted
heraldry or who are planning on submitting heraldry soon. Please pass this
on and cross post in any appropriate locations. Notifications.

Our new Golden Pillar, THL Sine has sent out a number of notifications this
weekend, clearing a bit of a backlog. If you have had a submission in the
last year or so and have not heard anything, check your e-mail. Also, have
your local Herald check their mail, as she has updated the notification
system to let them know when an approval or rejection has been sent for an

Many thanks to THL Sine for what she has done in her short time in this

Heraldry Rejections.

There have been two major causes for Heraldry rejections in the last year.

1) Use of wax pencil (colored pencil)/crayon/colored ink from a printer. DO
NOT use these mediums to color your device. The Laurel meetings in May of
2011 determined these were cause for return, and your device will be
returned. Instead, please use Crayola Classic Markers (not the washable
ones). The 8 count box should have all the right tinctures.

2) New Submission Standards. As of May 2012, the Laurel has phased out the
old submissions standards (RfS) and has instituted The Standards for
Evaluation of Names and Armory (SENA) http://heraldry.sca.org/sena.html.
All new submissions and resubmissions must comply with these standards.
Please review these standards.

One of the changes that seems to be causing rejection is "The charges
within a charge group should be in either identical postures/orientations
or an arrangement that includes posture/orientation (in cross, combatant,
or in pall points outward, for example). A charge group in which postures
for different charges must be blazoned individually will not be allowed
without period examples of that combination of postures."

Basically, you cannot have a charge oriented in a different direction than
any other charges on a device.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me
directly at principal-herald at artemisia.sca.org.

Dunkr Ormrhandleggr

Golden Wing Herald

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