[Artemisia] Sage cover art

DK Wickstrom dkwickstrom at cableone.net
Tue Nov 8 18:22:23 CST 2005

Unto the Populace of Artemisia do Morgan and Esebell King and Queen of 
these fair lands send greetings.

We ask you to consider submitting art for the Sage Advice.  We have heard 
that some of you were dismayed at the most recent cover and can only say 
that it was the only piece of artwork submitted.  With no other options, 
Our chronicler used it.

Therefore, We encourage all of the artists of Artemisia to submit art for 
the cover of the Sage Advice. Should the muse strike you, art submitted 
must be accompanied by a release form, please see 

To those who answer this call, you have Our deepest thanks.

Morgan and Esebell
DK Wickstrom, ska Morgan d'Antioche
DarkHeart Armoury "...a tradition of Fine, Custom Armour
since last Tuesday."

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