[Artemisia] Completely Off Topic - Request for Help

aeschine at inthe.sca.org aeschine at inthe.sca.org
Fri Nov 18 11:50:35 CST 2005

Hello to anyone who takes the time to read this-

I know this is very last minute, but I am out of options and a bit desperate.

My husband and I are moving - today.  We thought we had some help lined
up, but one by one they all have called with various reasons for not
showing up.  It is now down to the 2 of us trying to move an entire house
full of stuff all by ourselves (while keeping our 1 year old out of
We are moving from South Ogden to Roy (in Utah, for non-locals).  If there
is anyone in the Gryphon's Lair/Southern Cote du Ciel/Loch Salann area who
is willing and able to come and help at all, even for just a little while,
it would be appreciated from the bottom of our hearts.
We will be working all day & evening, as late tonight as we can stand, and
whatever we can't do today, we will be finishing Sunday, so if anyone can
help then, it will still be a huge help.
If anyone can help us out, please call me on my cell phone at
(801)499-0983, and I will thank you profusely and tell you where to find

Thanks for letting me interrupt your regularly scheduled day-
HL Aeschine Larke
(Trischia Wadey)

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