[Artemisia] Report from Caterbury BoA

Baron Arnhold bnbarnhold at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 20 07:56:55 CST 2005

  What a wonderful event.  Hope everyone had a good time at the Barony of 1000 eyes Investiture.  Those people's who stayed behind in the Barony of Arn Hold had a wonderful time on pilgrimage.  
  A fabulously decorated site greeted us, and one of the best site tokens I have ever seen was made by Lady Gilliana.  Thank You.  Gaming, classes, choice of 3 soups and bread for lunch and a "Moose Drop" hunt for the kids were just some of the highlights of the day.
  Then as all true pilgrims, we entertained each other with songs, plays, riddles, poems, and stories.  The entertainment was side splitting at times, with performers having to stop to allow the audience a chance to breathe.  Highlights included: a skit staring Morgan (he who eats babies) and Esabell (of love and beauty), one day their Majesties will have to command a performance, so they can see it.  Also there was a performance of William Shakespeare as performed by the William Shatner school of performing arts.  And no one will soon forget the shy bard, who read a story while hiding behind a beautiful lady.  Of course, she wanted the audience to see him, so she would move, he would follow.  It ended up with a swaying dance, that turned into the "chicken dance".  of course, since his face was buried in his manuscript, he kept just reading along not knowing what was happending.  Old, young, and young at heart all participated and the results were one of those "magic moments" that
 happen in the S.C.A.
  The feast stewards, members of the Arn Hold Cook's Guild, went ALL OUT for the feast.  Even going so far as to churn butter, bake many different types of multi-grain bread, and raise the main course themselves.  Duck, Goose, Onion dippings for the meat, Root Vegetables in Rosemary, Spinach with onion pie, Fruit Compote with Sweeted Cream, Almond Cakes, and WONDERFUL dessert auction, were the highlight of the dinner.
  After stuffing ourselves silly, we had a court where the following people recieved awards:  Lady Ellen McDonnal = Tryp. Mouffle, Mikhale of Moon Hill = S.P.U.D., Pirate Duncan McVryce = G.O.S.H., Lady Jadwiga de Zawada = Walking Pell, Morgan and Artemisia d'Holloway = Hope of Arn Hold, Tereli Ferth Lludd = G.O.S.H. and Lord Collin Campbell de Leith = Northstar, for traveling to the Middle East and coming back safely while protecting all of us.
  People then all jumped up, shouted "Vivat" and everyone helped tear down the hall in record time.  Thank you all for a wonder time, that left us satisfied in our bellies, our minds, and our hearts.  Our next event will be a wonderful "Murder Mystery Masked Ball" in February.  Watch your Sage advice and list for details.  Possible damp site.
  Tor Von Butterberg, OP                      
  Rachel Ravenlock, OP
  Baron & Baroness of Arn Hold

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Meister Tor and Dame Rachel
Baron and Baroness of Arn Hold
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"It is only with the heart that one sees clearly.
What is truely essential is invisable to the eye."
- Antoine de Saint Exupery

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