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Rowena, I hope you don't mind me sneaking into the conversational flow here.
;o) I just got my internet connection back (something about a cut cable...),
so I'm playing catch-up.
I second HE Gefjon's advice on your question, and hope you get it resolved
to your satisfaction.
I'd like to address something that you brushed against a couple of times,
though.  (maire puts on her Peer hat, here).  Keeping in mind, of course,
that I'm speaking only of my own experiences and observations....
Peers (chiv, laurels, pels) all choose students and associates for a wide
variety of reasons--as wide a variety, nearly, as there are peers and
associates.  It is by *no* means a given that an association with a peer is
going to get someone their own peerage.  At least not in this kingdom!  Some
of us manage to fumble along without official assistance, as did I, pretty
much, and others have the opportunity to learn from a peer in a more formal
relationship.  Some students/associates progress swiftly, some progress to a
point and then stop, and still others never live up to their potential.
As a peer, I'd certainly want to hear about my student's progress, or about
things that might be hindering her progress.  I haven't been in on a
candidate discussion yet, I don't think (and I've been doing this for a
while now), in which the candidate's character didn't come up as a quality
for observation in some fashion.
--Maire (OL, OP, and all that alphabet stuph)

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> Unto the kind Gefjon,
> > I would *expect* the person's Laurel to give you a non-commital reply.
> > (along the lines of 'I'll look into it and get back to you)  However, I
> > would hope the matter would be looked into, and the problem discussed.
> >
> > Good luck, from someone who is often more blunt than she probably should
> > but who believes in confronting issues rather than letting them smolder!
> Many thanks for your sage advice, no pun intended. I will try this
> rout. However, I do find it odd that one tapped for a possible peerage is
> exhibiting such an undesirable traits as I have seen/experienced. Since we
> don't even live in the kingdom any longer we had no idea that this was
> I have dealt with this for the past month and thought by now it would have
> stopped. I was mistaken. How sad that "character" is not taken into
> when a person is thought good enough for a peerage. Oops, that was my
> outside voice, but from what she said about us, what I just said was mild.
> Kind regards, and truly many thanks kind Gefjon,
> Rowena of Falkirk
> "Luminous beings are we." - Yoda

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