[Artemisia] Her Majesy's allergies and such

Jeff Webster red_belt at msn.com
Wed Sep 14 15:08:18 CDT 2005

To the Great Populace of Artemisia:

Please note that Her Majesty is allergic to most fragrances.  She cannot 
tolerate colognes, powders, scented candles, etc.  Her allergies also 
include bananas, pineapple and unfortunately anti-histamines, such as 
Benadryl, etc.  This is a very serious matter and She will have an Epi-pen 
with Her at all times in case of an emergency.  Flowers are OK, as well as 

Since we all enjoy the gift of giving and Their Majesties enjoy the gift of 
receiving, I thought it my duty, as Her Majesty’s Principal Lady in Waiting, 
to inform the populace of this matter as it would not be a good thing if we 
inadvertantly incapacitated the Queen.  I do believe His Majesty would have 
our heads on a platter, without question.

Their Majesties also request that there be NO flash cameras at the front of 

Thanking you in advance,

Lady Padraigin O' hIfearnain

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