[Artemisia] Rapier Seminar - Any interest?

Marten van Rosenveldt kendofencer at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 6 10:42:33 CST 2006

Mistress Yaasamiina has suggested that I repost the following and this time include the Artemesia usegroup.
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  "One can never get enough coaching from those who are the masters, either in the SCA or modern world. May I suggest you post this to the kingdom e-list:
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FYI, I think I have a perfect site in mind for this.

Marten wrote:

>Good Gentles,
>I have been in discussion with Maitre Guillaume, Lord Blaise, and His Excellency Baron Tor about the feasability of having a rapier seminar sometime later this year.
>We would select an instructor from the Western Martial Arts 
>community.  Typically these individuals charge an instruction fee as well as having their costs for transportation and lodging covered.
>M'Lady Teresa and I are willing to donate toward and the Baron and Baroness have also pledged personal funds to this endeavor but we would need a firm committments from other participants, including at some time actual non-refundable deposits, in order to bring this off.
>I estimate for a group of about 20 (probably maximum size) the per person cost would be about $50.00.  Once we have achieved critical mass in the form of committments the Barony officials will approach an appropriate instructor and make date and venue arrangements.
>Please write directly to me if you are interested.  I will compile a list of names and discuss this with the Barony officials responsible for rapier play as it progresses.
>Your obedient,  
>Marten Claeszen van Rosenveldt

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