[Artemisia] What should be in the KWHB

Allen Hall earlalan at srv.net
Mon Nov 6 16:40:45 CST 2006

Dame Thea,

Excellent question and I'm glad to hear that they're going to update.

When I first started the SCA I bought one of the KWHB, and I found it 
extremely useful, and a great investment.  I still find it useful and bring 
it regularly to fighter practices where new folks may be interested in it. 
I describe it to them as "The Boy Scout Handbook" of the SCA.  It shows a 
little of everything.  But most everyone is the target audience and it's 
enjoyable to look it over from time to time.

About the only things I'd like to see is the maps updated and possibly 
updates in the martial section to include the new marshallate armour 
standards.  Overall, it probably could be looked up for updates across the 
board.  For example, the last one was put out quite some time ago.  Mistress 
Aquillane formally of our fair barony did the cover page for the Martial 
section.  The diagram is Sir Gaston from Caid, a mutual friend and a former 
Aten knight who migrated westward long ago.  For those of you who remember 
the famous ESPN clip of Estrella long ago, Sir Gaston was the star.  Seems 
he was billed as "the greatest knight in all Caid".......


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Greetings, all.
I come to you with a (hopefully) less inflammatory question that is being 
asked in hopes to gain input for another question before the Grand Council.

What would you like to see in an update of the Known World Handbook?  and 
Who do you think of as the target audience for the Handbook?

These is a fairly open-ended questions on purpose.  Please be as detailed as 
you are able.  I look forward to hearing your responses.  As always, you are 
welcome to answer privately so we don't take up space on the list.

If you are interested in information/"results" from the last straw poll, 
please send me a private email.  I am in the process of compiling those 
emails as well.

Thanks again for your time,
Dame Theodora of Trebizond, OP
Barony of Loch Salann
Kingdom of Artemisia

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