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Mike idmike at msn.com
Wed Nov 15 10:00:18 CST 2006

In the words of my beloved husband:

Normal is Boring.


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> Oh COME ON!!
>   We ARE a bunch of weirdo's.  Just not in the MOST negative sense of the
> word.
>   How NORMAL is it that I'm not comfortable camping unless I'm wearing
> brais?  Or that I drive around with my ARMOR in my trunk all the time.  I
> have more good medieval outfits than mundane outfits.  I have full
> Elizabethan, including ruff, but I don't own a suit.
>   Maybe YOU all don't consider that weird, but looking at it objectively,
> I'd say it was pretty odd at least.  :)   Don't tell me you all don't
> think that at least me and Therasia aren't more than a little strange.
> Shoot, that list is long AND distinguished.
>   Anyway . . . .
>   Conrad v Z.

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